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Layer workshop ITS Helsinki 2014

During the ITS European congress in Helsinki we were part of SIS33 Building European Travel planners through collaboration and sharing services session.  The reason for this session was that we all know that there are many (real-time) travel planners in different European countries. Most are non-dynamic and regional. This session presents a way of cooperation and sharing services which makes innovation possible in European travel planner services. The basis of this project is the Dutch cooperation which joined forces with Co-Cities and SuperHub. The importance of collaboration, (open) data, the availability of data, the stakeholders role and a platform for sharing was be discussed. This interactive session included pitches, interactive discussions and we repeated our layer workshop with a small group. Hereby the results!


Paul Potters - Cachelot (Netherlands)


  • Alexander Froetscher - AustriaTech (Austria)
  • Gerbrand Klijn - Provincie of Noord-Brabant (Netherlands)
  • Luigi Telesca - eXrade s.r.l. (Italy)
  • Michel Boerrigter - Calendar42 (Netherlands)
  • Lourens Klok - Hewlett Packard (Netherlands)
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