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Six months ago we set out to build an open, multimodal & real-time trip planning toolbox. Recently we’ve delivered the components belonging to the first two milestones for assessment: dynamic planning and monitoring components for public transport. Both passed!

The new stuff

WIth dynamic planning it is now possible to plan trips completely based on real-time data, resulting into travel advice that actually takes into account any delayed busses or trains. Any of these dynamically routed trips can then be monitored, allowing travellers or services to be automatically notified if the trip have been adjusted based on incoming delays or other external factors. We’re pretty stoked with the result. Everything we’ve build is completely open, ready to be run by anyone and provides accessible APIs so it’s easy to build great new travel solutions on top of it! Of course, we’ve also made sure it’s all neatly documented.

The main features we’ve delivered so far:

  • Multi-modal planning for public transport
  • Importing GTFS, shapefiles & OpenStreetMap data
  • Use GTFS-Real-time for dynamic planning
  • RESTful API (XML and JSON)
  • Cycling and walking routes (based on Openstreetmap data)
  • Wheelchair accessibility (best effort)
  • On-trip planning
  • Accessibility analyses functionality
  • Subscriptions on planned trips (monitoring)
  • Automatic transitions from static to dynamic data
  • High performance & real-time messaging protocols (push)
Getting started
Join the discussion and give feedback
Next steps

The next milestones are currently being discussed, but expect more modalities to be planned dynamically and even more travel planning innovation.

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